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Article II: Objectives

The objectives of this Association are outlined below:

          • To maintain a close link between United OPSA-USA and Queen of the Rosary College, (QRC)                             our Alma Mater, as well as, promote moral support, positive and uplifting thinking within the                                 context of a Christian value system.

          • To foster love, peace, unity, and enhance and support academic and professional excellence                               amongst all past and present students of QRC Okoyong. The latter will be accomplished either                           independently by United OPSA-USA or in collaboration with other associations in the USA.

          • To create and maintain a solid association that will serve as a resource primarily to our                                        Alma Mater and also to other Cameroon students organizations in the USA in terms of maintaining                      a job/career network which will be beneficial to members of the Cameroonian community.

          • To assist in the creation and development of a curriculum in the Cameroon educational system,                           consistent with international standards, with a vision to incorporating and enhancing the use of                           modern technology and thereby producing highly competitive students in the global economy.

          • To create a scholarship fund for underprivileged but deserving students in order to encourage the                         pursuit of diversified careers and prevent unnecessary student drop-out.

          • To identify the different professional areas that would be of interest to its members, facilitate the                          acquisition and exchange of professional knowledge and information, and promote business ventures.

          • To encourage members of the association to engage in research and development

          • To participate in other charitable activities under section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code of the                   United States of America.

Article III: Membership

Section A: Eligibility

Membership eligibility is based on meeting one of these stringent criteria:

a) A graduate of QRC-OKOYONG.

b) A past student that has spent at least one academic year at QRC OKOYONG.

d) She is a corporate member with corporate membership defined as those who have studied in any QRC Okoyong sister schools such as QRC Onitsha or Enugu in Nigeria.

Section B: Application Fees

          • Membership to United OPSA USA is by applying and becoming a member to one of its chapters.                        Therefore, each and every interested or potential member is advised to belong to a chapter.

          • Each applicant shall pay their registration fee and chapter dues to their chapter treasurer.

          • An application for membership shall be processed only upon payments of the prescribed fees.

          • These fees are non-refundable in the event that the individual chooses to withdraw her membership                   after she has paid her dues for the whole year.

Section C: Annual Membership Dues

          • Each registered member of United OPSA-USA shall pay an annual membership fee of $50.00 to their                chapter treasurer.

          • Membership is renewable each year.

          • Since the general year runs from January to December, members should pay all their dues by the end                of the year, and chapter Presidents should hand in their annual membership fee ($50) of each member              to the National Treasurer on or before the convention date.

          • Every registered member or anyone who wishes to attend the annual convention shall pay 100 dollars                either to their chapter treasurer or National treasurer on or before the convention date.

          • If a member dies, each member is obliged to pay a fee of $100 to the NEB treasurer through their                      chapter treasurer.

          • Corporate (All) members who do not pay their annual membership fees by December 31st shall not be               eligible to participate in project discussions and decision-making.

          • A member whose annual membership fees remains unpaid for a year may be excluded from the                        association. The individual will cease to be an active member and their name shall remove from the                    register of active members.

Section C: Membership Obligations:

          • Every member has an obligation to participate actively in the deliberations of the association at both                  the chapter and national levels.

          • Each member is obligated to meet his/her financial commitment to the organization

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    UOPSA Mission

  • To promote and foster the academic, economic, spiritual and social development of past and present students of QRC Okoyong.  

  • To increase communication, trust, cooperation and sisterhood amongst all Past and Present Students of QRC, Okoyong.

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