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Article IV: Administration of the Association

Section A: Management and Protocol:

          • United OPSA-USA shall comprise of all OPSA Chapters in the USA.

          • All Chapter Presidents shall report to the National President of United OPSA-USA.

          • The National President of United OPSA-USA shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Association.

          • The governing body of United OPSA-USA is the National Executive Board (NEB).

          • The NEB shall include the executive officers who are elected during the United OPSA-USA Annual                     National      Convention (ANC).

A Chapter may be defined as constituting of five or more registered members in a defined Geographic location with an existing Chapter. However, if an OPSAN choses to belong to any chapter out of their Geographic location, they are allowed to do so.

Section B: Executive Officers of the Association:

The executive Officers of the association shall be as follows:
A) National President
B) National Vice President
C) National Secretary
D) National Vice Secretary
E) Publicity Secretary
F) Social/Organizing Secretary
G) Treasurer
H) Financial Secretary
I) Advisers to be appointed by the General Assembly

Section C: Election of Executive Officers:

Chapter 1: Term of Office:

Elections by suffrage shall be held (at the ANC) every two years to elect the Executive Officer for a term of two years. The officers elected shall take office within 30 days following the election. During the 30 day transitional period, the out-going executive officers and the in-coming executive officers shall work in collaboration;

a) Documenting all previous minutes, proceedings, etc.

b) Handing over documents

c) Balancing of financial records

Chapter 2: Candidature:

Any candidate running for office must be a registered, active member of United OPSA-USA, and must have attended at least one ANC within the preceding two years.

Chapter 3: Declaration of Candidacy:

     • All candidates desiring to run for any of the above offices shall announce their intention.

     • The declaration of intent to run shall be in writing and submitted to the National Secretary of United                     OPSA-USA at least 30 days before the Annual National Convention.

     • Each United OPSA-USA chapter president shall be responsible for ensuring that members of their                     chapters have received a copy of the list of candidates.

Chapter 4: Method of Voting:


     • Voting shall be conducted by an electoral committee selected from members of the General Assembly and          this committee shall be dissolved when the task is completed.

     • Only registered members who are of good standing are allowed to vote.

     • Branch presidents need to submit a list of their members who are of good standing as defined by the                 Chapter to the NEB 30 days before the convention.

Chapter 5: Declaration of Winners:

     • Any candidate who receives a majority of the votes cast shall be declared the winner.

     • There shall be no run-off elections.

     • In the event that there is only one candidate running for an office members will be requested to cast a                 ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote.

     • The running candidate must secure at least 50%+1 of the votes;

Chapter 6: Vacancy of Office:

     • If a position becomes vacant either before an election or convention, the assistant shall assume                         responsibility

     • If the position is one that has an assistant, the assistant shall be requested to assume that position until a           candidate is chosen at the next convention.

     • If the position does not have an assistant the General Assembly shall convene to appoint an interim to that         position as soon as possible until the next Annual Convention.

     • This policy shall also apply in case an officer resigns during their term of office.

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    UOPSA Mission

  • To promote and foster the academic, economic, spiritual and social development of past and present students of QRC Okoyong.  

  • To increase communication, trust, cooperation and sisterhood amongst all Past and Present Students of QRC, Okoyong.

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