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Chapter 7 – Discipline/ Removal from Office:


     • The disciplinary process shall be initiated by NEB after reviewing the issues presented to determine                    whether thorough investigation is required.

     • The chapter president(s), NEB including the advisers, would make a determination and request a                        thorough investigation if need be on the matter before any action can be taken.

     • There are various reasons which may warrant some disciplinary actions such as: malice, misrepresenting          the association, slander, defamation delinquency on dues (with exceptions such as illness),                                misappropriation/mismanagement of funds, theft, a member who has been previously warned or                        suspended, intentional misconduct (within or outside the association) that brings disrepute to the                        association, etc.

In order to determine if a matter requires disciplinary action:

     • A complaint will need to be filed to the OPSAN tortfeasor’s chapter president regarding the                                 charge/allegation and the Chapter executive shall endeavor to resolve the issue at Chapter level.

     • If no resolution is reached at Chapter level, the case will be forwarded to the disciplinary committee at               National level for further review.

     • If the tortfeasor is an EXCO, the individual shall be referred to their Chapter President, and if the matter is         unresolved then it will be referred to the disciplinary committee.

     • The disciplinary committee members shall review the case and a vote shall be taken after deliberation               during which the majority’s decision shall be enacted.

Guidelines to follow when determining the Decision:

     • The member’s offense –whether or not it brings disrepute and disharmony to the association; the                        member's intention, conduct, participation and commitments to the association.

     • Any national or branch executive or advisers who have special ties or interest in the OPSAN whose                   conduct is subject to disciplinary action, must be excluded from the disciplinary committee and a new                 member will be voted in her place.

     • In the event that the United OPSA –USA disciplinary committee is unable to resolve the matter, it shall be           forwarded to EXCO-OPSA Cameroon, who will in consultation with United OPSA-USA EXCO, review the           matter further.

     • The final decision will then be communicated first to the member involved and then to United OPSA-USA            members.−

Disciplinary Outcomes:

     • No Action: If it is determined that the member has caused no offense.

     • Warning: If It is determined that the member's action was unintentional and cause disrepute to the                     association, or ridicule to the public or community

     • Suspension: If It is determined that the member's action was intentional, and she acted in bad faith or                 conduct gave an appearance of impropriety

     • Expulsion: It is determined that the member's action was intentional, fraudulent in nature / conduct was              illegal.

     • APOLOGY: A member may be asked to apologize to the association where need be.

     • APPEALS: Members may formally appeal a decision with supporting documentation within 30days

Removal from Office

i) An officer may be removed from office by the affirmative vote of one of the following;

ii) A two-third majority vote of the registered membership in good standing;

iii) An officer may be considered for impeachment for the following reasons;

     a) Failure to adhere to and has shown a consistent pattern of disregard and gross negligence in executing             the duties of the office as stated by the Bylaws;

     b) Failure to show progress towards the execution/completion of written organizational goals and objectives;

     c) Misuse of or misappropriation of assets of the association, commingling of association’s funds

     d) Existence of significant conflict of interest in performing obligations.

Chapter 8: Email/eGroup Etiquette

The association's email/eGroup shall be open to all registered members who have met all financial obligations or are in good standing with the association through their Chapters.

All members shall abide by the following rules:

     • Messages must add to the body of knowledge and support OPSA's mission.

     • Members must maintain simple rules of social and literary etiquette.

     • Personal conflicts should be handled by individuals outside of the United OPSA-USA eGroup.

     • Any and all defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, or offensive comments are strictly prohibited.

     • Members must not challenge or attack others on the eGroup.

     • Members should endeavor to write positive comments.

Penalties on the abuse or misuse of the eGroup:

     • Any content deemed inappropriate shall be deleted from the eGroup.

     • Members who post inappropriate content shall be given two warnings then dismissed from the eGroup on         the third occurrence. Three strikes you are out rule will be enforced.


     • Members shall be allowed to freely communicate without interference from the moderators.

     • Administrative privileges of the eGroup must be held by a total of 5members, to include a minimum of 2             executive members at any given time.

     • Members shall be removed from the eGroup only upon resignation, suspension, or expulsion.

Section D: Powers and Authority of the National Executive Board

     1. The governing body of United OPSA-USA is the National Executive Board (NEB). The NEB of United OPSA-USA shall include the Executive Officers elected during the OPSA-USA Annual National Convention (ANC), the committee chairs and the chapter presidents.

     2. The NEB shall ensure that the By-Laws of the association are respected by every registered member of              the association.

     3. The NEB shall ensure that all records concerning the association are up-to-date. All reports shall be                   updated annually.

     4. Major financial projects must be brought before a National Executive Board meeting prior to                                 be  implementation. Notice of such subjects must be given in writing to all Chapter Presidents, prior to               the meeting. Following which there will be a conference call to deliberate on the project, and finally, votes           will be cast through the Chapters or at the ANC as to whether to undertake the project or not.

     5. The NEB shall meet either physically, virtually, or by conference calls as often as the business of the                   association requires (with a minimum of six meetings) during the three-year term of their tenure of office.          At such meetings, five members shall constitute a quorum. Executive Members shall be notified at least              30 days in advance of any upcoming meeting except in the case of an emergency meeting, in which case          members shall receive notice at least 14 days in advance.

     6. The NEB may appoint committees which may consist of members of the NEB

     7. The NEB shall approve the annual report which will be written by the National Secretary before it is                      presented at the ANC.

     8. The exercise of power, business and property transactions of the association shall be conducted and                 controlled by the National Executive Board.

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