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Article VII:  National Uniform: 

     a. The national uniform will be worn when a registered/active member dies.  Chapter uniforms can be used            for all other activities.

     b. Only active members will have the draping of the casket with the national uniform.  

     c. If an active member participates in an act that violates the above rule, the penalty will be $500.


Article VIII:  Bereavement Fund:  

     a. Bereavement account will be separate from the National account.

     b. $5000 will be given to the bereaved family and the balance of moneys collected will go into a sinking fund.

     c. In the event of the death of an active UOPSA member, each active member will be obligated to contribute           $50 towards the bereavement fund.

     d. In the event of the death of a spouse of an active member, members have no financial obligation.


Article IX:  Chapter Formation/Membership: 

     a. A minimum of 5 OPSANs needed to start a new chapter.  

     b. Members are free to join any UOPSA Chapter, but be mindful of the fact that, in case of an eventuality,               their chapter is responsible for any support they might need.

     c. Change of active membership from one chapter to another:

             i. An active member can transfer her membership to a different chapter only if they are leaving their                      current chapter in good standing.  A letter of transfer from the current chapter’s president must be                      obtained by the member. 

Article X: Dissolution and Liquidation




     1. Dissolution of the association must be for a good, unforeseen and unavoidable cause and must be on the           recommendation of 2/3 majority vote of the members at a General Assembly meeting. 

     2.  In case of dissolution of the association, the services of a competent lawyer shall be employed by the                General Assembly for purposes of liquidation.  

     3. Proceeds from the liquidation shall partly serve as the liquidator's fees and the balance used for a project           in the alma mater or any other charitable purpose

Article XI: Amendments


This document shall be amended as necessary to fulfill the needs of the association. The National Executive Board shall distribute this document to all presidents of the various branches for review and in case there is a need for any amendment, this will be done during the ANC.  Two-thirds of all votes cast during the ANC shall be required to approve any new amendment or revocation of the existing By-Laws. In order for such changes to take effect, the approval of the NEB shall be required.  


These By-Laws are adopted as of this date, the 19th of August, 2017 and accepted by the members signed below as representing the General Assembly. 
 ** The establishment of United OPSA-USA agreed to and accepted by: all members present during the                   general assembly meeting**

______________________________                                      ______________________

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    UOPSA Mission

  • To promote and foster the academic, economic, spiritual and social development of past and present students of QRC Okoyong.  

  • To increase communication, trust, cooperation and sisterhood amongst all Past and Present Students of QRC, Okoyong.

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