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New York chapter is one of a kind. It comprises of more than thirty dynamic ladies with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Our preamble is dedicated to service with pride. Most of our members are all over the country because we are very accommodating and willing to meet the needs of every Okoyong past student who wants to feel the warmth and love of true sisterhood.

Our unique annual retreat which includes international getaway is the highlight that illuminates our purpose. We have an unwavering commitment to each other and believe that when your share in your sister's joy, the happiness is extreme and when your share in her sorrow, the burden is lighter.

In the words of our school anthem “alma matter may thy children never depart from what you taught them” We remain faithful to the teachings of our mentors especially all the missionaries who sacrificed so much for the girl child education in Cameroon. We are New York chapter, We are the statue of liberty; true friendship, true love and true sisterhood.

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