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Article V. General Meeting of Members 


     Section A: Conventions and National Assembly Meetings 

     a. At any regular national meeting of the members, a quorum shall consist of the members present who are           in good standing. A simple majority of members present shall be necessary to pass any resolutions.


     b. All Chapter Presidents shall be notified at least 30 days in advance of an upcoming meeting.  

     c. The United OPSA-USA National President, or in her absence, the National Vice President, or in the                   absence of the National President and National Vice President, a Chargé D’Affaires elected by the                     members present shall call the meeting of the members to order and shall act as the presiding officer                 thereof.  

     d. The Annual National Convention shall be held in the 4th weekend in August each year.  

     e. Convention dues:  $200/member as a package deal starting in 2018. Convention dues should be paid                 well in advance before the convention weekend.  NEB to set deadline.  

     f. Profits from convention fundraising activities shall be shared proportionately between the host chapter                and the national, with 10% for hosting chapter and 90% for national

Section B: Hosting of Conventions  

   All registered chapters of United OPSA-USA shall be eligible to host the United OPSA-USA Annual National      Convention. The next hosting chapter will be decided during the ANC.  


     1. Host chapters will be financially responsible for hosting NEB meetings. In the event that fund-raising                   events are planned during a NEB meeting, the NEB and the host chapter shall be jointly financially                     responsible for organizing the fund-raising event. Under such conditions, profits from the fund-raising                 event excluding donations shall be shared proportionately between the host chapter and the NEB.  


     2. Convention agendas will be generated by the NEB. The NEB will request and include contributions from             all OPSAN chapters in the convention agenda.


Articles VI: Committees 

  The United OPSA-USA NEB may establish committees headed by committee chairs, as necessary, to               perform the duties of United OPSA-USA. While the National President of United OPSA-USA may require           United OPSA-USA NEB to participate in the activities of a committee, the Committee Chairs shall be                   responsible for coordinating, guiding and overseeing the activities of the committees. The Committee Chair       will answer and present progress reports to the NEB. Also, the deadlines for financial reports from the                 treasurer to the National President will be in June and December.  The following committees for United OPSA-USA shall be formed:

     A. The Membership Committee  

     B. The Finance Committee  

     C. The Education Committee  

     D. The Disciplinary Committee  

     E. The Social and Cultural Committee  

     F. The Project Committee  

    G. The Convention Committee  

 Other committees shall be formed on an ad-hoc basis, as necessary, for the purpose of accomplishing various tasks. Such committees shall be dissolved upon completion of the assigned task
Section A: The Membership Committee 

     1. They shall assist in recruiting and retaining members.  

     2. They shall develop and revise annual membership of United OPSA-USA.

     3. They shall keep track of all United OPSA-USA members by organizing chapter membership drive and distributing membership rosters to branches.  

    4. They shall provide bi-annual updates of membership roster to the national executive board.  

    5. They shall contact lapsed branches to evaluate and respond to needs not being met by them at the National level.


Section B: The Finance Committee

  The Financial Secretary and Treasurer shall be members of this committee.  

     a. The Finance committee shall be responsible for coordinating and organizing all of the fund-raising events           of the association.  

     b. The Finance committee shall work with the NEB to solicit corporate sponsorship for approved projects of            the association.  

     c. They shall be responsible for drawing the OPSA yearly budget making sure that funds are properly                     allocated.

     d. They shall conceive and organize fundraising activities for OPSA projects.  

     e. They shall keep proper financial records that shall be handed over for auditing twice a year.  

      f. They shall follow-up the payment of National and branch dues with branch presidents and make sure that           financial deadlines are respected by branches.  


Section C: The Education Committee   
     a. They shall be responsible for coordinating career related and student related events/issues.  

     b. They shall be responsible for the production, distribution and sale of OPSA Magazines, Brochures, and             Pamphlets etc.  

     c. They shall organize Educational talks for members during conventions and at branch levels.


     d. They shall educate OPSANS on the constitution and By-laws.  

     e. They shall draw programs that deal with the advancement of OPSA and OPSANs from all points of view.


      f. They shall work-out a scholarship program for students, set criteria for the award and work with the                      Finance Committee to raise funds for this project. 

Section D: The Disciplinary Committee
 They shall be governed by those rules and regulations which are stipulated in the By-Laws such as:


     a. In collaboration with the NEB, assisting branches with disciplinary matters that are beyond their (the                   branches) capability.  

     b. They shall recommend sanctions ranging from warnings, suspension and expulsion.  

     c. They shall have the right to take certain actions that seem appropriate in protecting the integrity, safety,               and well-being of the association and its members, in consultation with the NEB.  

Section E: The Social and Cultural Committee:


     a) They shall handle humanitarian and human rights issues that affect the well-being of the association.  

     b) They shall organize social and cultural activities during conventions and encourage branches to do same           during their branch activities.  
     c) They shall educate members on issues that pertain to the protection and safety of OPSANs and their                 children from social ills.

     d) They shall address important social development issues related to Youths, Family and Aging. 

     e) They shall draw-up and execute programs that would educate OPSA children on cultural and traditional             values.

Section F: The Project Committee:
      a) They shall conceive and execute projects to fulfill the goals and objectives of United OPSA-USA. This                shall be done in collaboration with the NEB.  

     b) They shall sort out all administrative and financial matters relating to the project and shall also provide   

          the overall policy direction in connection with the project and provide strategies for implementation.


     c) They shall monitor and report progress of an on-going project in terms of quality and time and a written               progress report shall be submitted to the NEB.


    d) They shall be fully empowered to undertake all action required for the successful implementation of the               project. 

Section G: The Convention Committee:  

     a) They shall organize yearly conventions from beginning to finish.  

     b) They shall work closely with the NEB, hosting branch, and all the chairpersons and secretaries of the                 various committees concerned.  


All committees shall be made up of seven members led by a chairperson appointed by committee members. The committees shall be free to co-opt more members as need arises. At the beginning of every United OPSA USA year, all committees shall prepare a budget for their activities and give to the finance committee so it can be included in the United OPSA USA budget.  

Each committee shall endeavor to plan fundraising activities in order to raise funds for their planned activities. This shall be done in collaboration with the finance committee. All funds raised shall be put in the National account and shall be strictly used for the purpose for which they were raised. The NEB shall create different ways to recognize and thank various committees for their achievements.


Section H – The Board of Directors, Auditors 


        a) Shall be primarily responsible for resolving constitutional related questions and/or differences.

        b) Shall represent the Organization in legal issues involving the Organization. Such representation might                require the use of a subcommittee and/or legal experts upon authorization by the National Executive. 

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  • To increase communication, trust, cooperation and sisterhood amongst all Past and Present Students of QRC, Okoyong.

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